Our policies:

1.  Warranty:  Warranties are only covered for manufacturer defects.  Please read this for carefully for more details.

2.  Refunds:  There are no refunds on custom eyewear once the order is placed.  We place the orders electronically once you pay for them.  Once the lenses are ordered, they are ordered specifically to your Rx, lens treatment options and frame shape.

3.  Returns:  We will not accept any returns on custom eyewear.  

4.  Service of Eyewear NOT Purchased at Sun Valley Eye Care:  If you purchase your glasses from us, we will gladly provide services on the products that you buy from us.  If you buy your glasses elsewhere and there is a problem, we will charge $50 for a re-refraction with the optometrist.  Troubleshooting services about frames or lenses start at $65/hr with a minimum $20 fee with the optician.

5.  No Show Fee:  $25 weekday and $50 weekend.  

If you cannot make your appointment, please call and leave a voicemail (480) 812-2010 or text (602) 456-2020 or email (sunvalleyeyecare@gmail.com) within 24 hours.  Email is preferred.

We are a very small office who cannot absorb loss of productivity from patients who don't show up.  As a courtesy to you, we don't double or triple book. 

If you are unsure of your schedule and don't want to commit to an appointment time, no worries, just email/text us for same day appointments.  If you are a chronic no-show person or rescheduling type of person, we will dismiss you from our office.

6.  Filling/Copying/Faxing Forms:  We will charge a fee of $39 to fill out DMV/School forms, make copies or fax your records for other providers.

7.  Sun Valley Eye Care has a ZERO tolerance policy against rude and/or aggressive behavior, bullying, profanity,  verbal abuse towards our staff from patients or their family members.  

Vision Plans we do not accept:

1.  Avesis: We have out of network forms for you to fill out to get reimbursed.

2.  Davis Vision:  We have out of network forms for you to fill out to get reimbursed.  Davis Vision owns Visionworks.

3.  All AHCCCS Plans:  We are not allowed to participate in any of these plans.  All of these plans have contracts with Nationwide Vision Centers.  There are no out of network forms.  

Why you have to fill out forms.